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The Rhode Show, March 26th 2010
>> it up like >> this morning on “the rhode show,” spring is here,,” which means prom season is just around the corner for all you high school students and today we’re going to show yg ouho how to get some trendy and yet mom-approved dresses. >> hot at the movies, we’ll ask our movie experts. >> right. and in thehe kitchen, we’re cooking for passover with danielie gourmetur kosher. we’re making a tomato brisket. findfi the recipes on line at foxprovidence.com. good m orning, welcgoome to “the rhode show,” it is ft riday, march 26, 2010, i’m elizabeth hopkins. your girls are falling. >> aloha. >> i wish ben was here,e, because he would be wearheing this. >> the last couple of days, niceys tight shot,gh wendy, i had a chance to go to hawaii, that’s why i took a couple of days off, and i thought i’d bring you back a present. >> thank you. it fits perfectly. >> it does. thank you. is that yo



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