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The Rhode Show, March 25th 2010
idol” top 10. >> plus, i’m gearing up for my big game against the harlem globetrotter. >> game face. >> yeah, shower time. we’re going to find out if my street skills translate to the basketball court. >> how come we never see what happens after he shoots. >> in the kn itchen, we’re w taking sushi rollsi with pearls restaurant you can find tnthe recipe on line at foxprovidence.com. >> >> patrick and i are about to do something we’ve never done before. sushi. good morning and welcome to “the erhodee show,” it’s thursday, march 25, i’m danielle nor dth in for elizabeth hopkins. >> i’m patrick little. >> i tried the chop sticks. >> it was a complete failure. before we get started, i want to say congratulations to jim barren and the uri basketball team. they beat virginiath tech last night, so for the first time since 1946, the rams are in a the n.i.t. final four, ti.hat game is this new yor



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