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The Rhode Show, March 23 2010
>> and this morning on “orthe rhode show,” shocking new allegations against michael jackson’s doctor, conrad murray. a source now saying he actually stopped giving the king of pop cpr to hide drugs. >> gentlemen, start your engines l the annual nasa moon buggy race is coming up. no engine in this. it’s all manpowerred. some local students have brought their lunar l rover creation to share with us. >> that sounds pretty cool.oo >> also pretty cool, we’re in the kitchen, we’re making farm fresh eggs with sunchokes with newport restaurant. find the recipe on line at foxprovidence.com. >> good morning everybody. welcome to a soggy tuesday morning. i’m danielle north inor elizabeth hopkins. >> i’m patrick littleit looking forward to finding out what sunchokes are. >> i am too. i think it’si in the artichoke family. >> mr. skwrao: you think? >> i’m ben hague and i think it’s in the artichoke f



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