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The Rhode Show, March 19th
providence for st. joseph’s day. >> plus, the behind the scenes action that you don’t get to see during march madnessne when you’re u’ watching the basketball games.as >> that sounds greatso. in the kitchen thisen morning,ni we’re takinweg grilled statler ta breastbr with parmesan cakes. chef kevin delibero from newport restaurant group isau joing us. you can find the recipe on line at foxprovidence.com.pr good morning everniybody, happy friday. welcome to “the rhode show,” it is march 19, st. joseph’s day. look at patrick, he’s getting the red in there.in >> i accessorized.cc >> he did. just like about 30 seconds ago too. >> you’re not supposed to give away those se secrets. >> you were like s>>hoving is in the pocket as we starpoted.te >> but don’t have the red tie, so i had the green sweater onwe on — two days ago on st. patrick’s day, so i go with the red handkerchief here, but as y



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