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The Rhode Show, March 18th, 2010
john granata and tv maitre d’ joe zito, we’re makingng a lenten dish with white fish. get the recipe onip line att foxprovidence. com.de they also have zapalas. >> what isn’t in w there? >> courtney’s face just lit upit when i mentioned zapalas. that i s coffees milofk. >> co ffee milk, m cake, doughnuts,e, fish. >> and doughnuts, and zapalas and, oh my. >> i grew up on thions stuff, the coffee milk. i couldn’t start by day when i was a kid without having a coffee milk with the of could fee syrup and i’d have to eat it up in the microwave for a minute.nu >> i like that. >> the warmar milk and we passed the tradition on to my children, connor and casey, who wake up with a of coffee milk and go to bed every night d with awi coffee milk and i’ll it would you what, it’s been a w ahile since i’ve hade one. >> drink>> up, because it is gamesee day. we have h the auto graft coffeeof like you we



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