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The Rhode Show, March17th 2010
patrick’s day, from step s dances to bagpipes, whether or not you’re irish, you’ll have fun.av >> plus, we’re live with ben and the ncaa championships. he’s hanging out with cheerleaders. looking good, ben. >> then in the kitchen, we’re , emaking what else, correspond beef and cabbage, but this isba kind of a variation on theiohe tradition. whole foods is here and you can find the recipe andip ingredients now at foxprovidence.com. of course, ingredients, correspond beef, cabbage. >> very simpl do your bestes irish accent. >> top of the morning tof you. >> welcome to “the rhode show.” it’s wednesday, march 17th 1, 2010. >> everybody gets irish on st. patrick’s day. hey, you had an interesting nt night last night.st >> the newport whalers, the supersr, all-star team, theyam advanced to theva semi-finals in the state tournament. there they are all lined up. overtime win overin theth clcs sq



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