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The Rhode Show, March 11, 2010
like men are stepping up their game. we will talk about it. plus we’re doing fashion finding on a budget. we will ing you great spring looks. i love this dress suit t fro sm a a local consignmentsi shop. >> and in the kitchen we’re making bugaboo creek versioabn of new york strip. you can find the recipe right now. p s i heard nachos will be ll involvedin somehow.. originally onig menus.en they have a steak ready andnd nachos look good. oo and slab off ribs.s. good morning.ng good morning,gomo thursday march 11, 2010 ben will go on his three-hour th tour according to bob hanna. >> he doesn’t even show his h face. >> we don’t know what he’s wearing. he’s in upon could right now.n good morning. i want to say hello to father we went out to aa dinner new place down inin narragansett down near d the beach. great. what kind of k food what is it? thai. >> federal hills near the beach. >> my que



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