RS Mar10

The Rhode Show, March 10th, 2010
>> crystal, she blue the sox off judges with her performance. we’ll talk about the best and the worst of the night. >> >> events coming up for april vacation. it’s online right now. >>> good morning and welcome to the road show. it is wednesday, march 10. >> i thought that was cool. also, these cost metic products are all natural. she was featured on a website that all the girls like around here. courtney is using the face wash. so check that out. we in the newsroom were fans of the entire network. >>> can i join the facebook fan page? >> sure. >>> anyway, i thought it was pretty cool, a little recognition. >> indeed. >>> yeah. something also making national headlines, remember the man trying to plaque mail david letterman because of his afairs? >> sure too. best thing ever for his ratings. >>> yes. well, that guy is now on his way to prison. joe that would man pleaded guilty to grand la



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