RS June18

The Rhode Show, June 18th 2010.
rhode show,” isn’t that a pretty dress? >> yes. >> we are finishing off wedding week. >> ok. here’she one. most difficult things tolt tackle. the bridesmaids dresses. we are on a hunt to find the sheike st of them all. . >> and y ou can’t forget about the guys. today, we are going to be b grooming the groom, so he’s ready for hisad wedding dayed closeup. os >> in the kitchen this morning, we’re’r welcoming chef tim souza from the newport restaurant group. we’re going to be makingin bacon wrapped fillet with butter r poached lobster t ail. you can’t beat that. find the recipe at foxprovidence.com. >> i don’t think we’ve had tim souza on our show. first time here. welcome, tim.lc >> coulding out>> aldnd making an appearance, bacon wrapped fillet with a little a lobster tail.ai >> i’m also setting up operates o maids dresses. seeven if you’re not in a wedding, something to wear to the weddi



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