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The Rhode Show, June 9th, 2010.
show,” we welcome designer sarah postpo from providence fresh off the runway from her show last night. >> then we are talking summer blockbuster movies. which ones should you head out to see andto which oneshi sh oould you wait for the old d.v.d. t o come out. we’ll talk about it. >> and this morning, we’ll be grilling in the backyardd barbecue makingec bison with ted’sit montana grill. find the recipe att foxprovidence.com. >> good morning, welcome to “the rhode show.” i’m going to s ttand up for this. i want to show this dress. >> give us a little dance there, he spider. >> is this something? et these are all ties, right? talking to theg designer who is just stepping just off the set. look at this. s.isn’t this neat.ea >> that’s my tie. >> maybe they recycled yours. >> that is — >> isn’t it neat? n >> you’ve had thrhaee different ones on this week, this is myhi favorite. . >> today is



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