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The Rhode Show, June 4th 2010.
yachting centerer, fillet of fish. hundre ds stopped by at the an anyou’ll great chowder cookoff. >> and over a to you local athletes are getting ready as the rhode island special olympics get ready toea begin. >> in the kitchen, we’re makingin a perfect friday meal. pasta loaded with all kinds of tasty treats from the sea. >> it’s actually one of the places that you can pull upp to on you were boat, so that is t pretty cool. good morning and welcome to “the erhode show ,” it is friday, f june 4, 2010, i’m elizabeth hopkins. >> good morning, i’ mm patrick little. this morning, we have a little treat. actually, we h ave a lot of treats over here, all thanks to odunkin’ doughnuts. hn >> mine is watermelon. >> what is thahis flavor? blue raspberry. >> and a bunch of doughnuts, which will b e scarfed vellry quickly. why ar e they doing d this, why are they giving this away? because there’ st



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