RS Jun30

The Rhode Show, June 30th 2010.
revealing a summertime secret, from a tan to lengthening the lashes without a smudge, which hiis tricky, isn’t it, ben hague? >> it is tricky. i’ve perfected it though. >> plus, we’re getting ready for the 4th of july. >> and in the backyard barbecue, my dad. >> settle down there. >> he’s touching the grill already. he has the tv t thing down pat. we’re going to be making steaks and dessert. we have it all covered. find the recipe right now on foxprovidence.com. >> we said what we s hould talk t about in “theou buzz” this morning g is you growing up and showing embarrassing photos. maybe that’syb in store. >> don’t start anything and embarrass me. >> good morning and welcome to “the rhode show.” “it is wednesday, june 30, 2010, i’m elizabeth hopkins.ab s. >> and i’m patrick little. back from the golf course. >> yeah. look at you. .you hadd a sweet gig all week. >> good morning,ni america



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