RS Jun25

The Rhode Show, June 25th 2010.
rhodes cliff mansion in new port with a preview of the new port flower show. >> back here — what’s going on out there? >> transformed our yard into a world of wonder for the fantasy f fair thishi weekend. ke >> in the kitchen, our cheff is here, we’re going to make hot cakes pack there and that sounds pretty good toty me. you can find the recipe and foxprovidence.com. good morning, welcome to the trhode show. it is friday, june 25, 2010. >> good morning. i can smell the beginning of the cod cakes. >> it’s nice. >> it’s very nice. >> i’m excited about that.t. looking at the run down, iow just realized i’m the guy that has to go out with the fresh farms and the kids who are armed. you did the fencing story earlier. why don’t wet trade? >> and one of the guys who –ho what we both thought was a good gig, is ben at the new port flower show.w. >> look at the center piece t here. >> not only



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