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The Rhode Show, June 23rd 2010.
s morning on “the rhode ” show,” beach b ums, get out your blankets, we’re going to lete you know this summer’s best beach reads. >> plus, we’re going to be cruising with the cardi’s, we’ll show you where you can go and check out some classic cars on these warm summer nights. look at that one.t >> in the i kitchen, we’re making carnitas, or porkor tacos, with folks from roger williams parkia zoo, findin today’s recipe onip line at foxprovidence.com. idce good morning, welcome to “thcoe rhode shorhw.” it is wednesday, june 23, 2010. i’m patrick little. >> i’m ben h bague. elizabeth hop kins is sleeping in today. >> i’ve been given — >> a little under the weather. w >> i h ave the keys to the fancy f car right now, so hopefully we keep it on the road and we’re going to do ourto best over the o next hour to copy benco in check.he >> producer onr the edge. me and you together.ge >> this fra



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