RS Jun22

The Rhode Show, June 22nd 2010.
um with a rhodeth islhod icon. del’s lemonade. >> i work with those people. >> that’s rightt’ now? >> yes. >> why aren’t we out there. >> i know where they are. >> we’re setting sail from newport to bermuda. how about that? we’re going to give you an inside look at this awesome journey. >> and in the kitchen t khis morning, we are makingak mussels with red stripe. find the re cipe right now onon foxprovidence.com. >> do you know what’s so funny, a couple of days ago — >> what, the fact that you shrugged me with your scripts or you have another joke to tell? >> i passed red stripe a couple of days ago d ton this beautiful sunny day, they’re cookingki from — >> from narragansett location essentially. the windows were open, people e were sitting and people watching, and i just thought, i want to be in there. i don’t want to be in my car running errands. >> so ii think i might have to do



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