RS Jun21

The Rhode Show, June 21st 2010.
action there at the portuguese social club. >> you’re supposed to say good, like they do. >> that’s quitet’ impressive. this is the cranston portuguese club and right now portugal isl taking on north korea in the world cup, so we have ben down there to check out the festivities.it >> that’s right. and then we’reen kicking off summer with refreshing cocktails from local 121. >> that’s right. and then in theth kitchen, this, is kind of neat, we’re cookinge with whole foods, making a chillyhi arugula salad withh almonds and tarragon. kind of appropriate to have a salad and cold drinks, it is theis first day of summer. good morning, it is monday, june 21, i’m elizabeth i hopkins.op >> i’m patrickri little. summer started about 39 minutess again. how was yourw weekend? >> it was outstanding. i wasn’t here on thursday and friday. >> you were like –e >> the conclusion wedding week. >> you had



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