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The Rhode Show, June 2nd 2010.
? yeah the buck stops here ? >> it’s becsoming a popular place for performers in south county. coming up, ap, looak at what’sats happening here at the courthouse center for thece arts. >> telling her side tofng the story, sarah ferguson sits down with oprah to talk about the scandal. what she had to say. >> and today, we’re headingng out to the backyardac barbecue. a light healthy alternative to burgers and dogs. perfect for arf warm summer daumy. >> i’m kind of excitewoodit this. i saw the recipe and i thought i could do this, even me. it’s going to be good. good morning,or welcome to “the rhode show,” it’s tuesday, june 2, 2010, i’m elizabeth hopkins. >> you’re a gooad cook. >> i’m working o wn it. but i don’t want to be a cook, i want to be a chef. >> you’re amazing, looking at the menu. >> as a matter of fact, because we’ve been working over the course of being with “the rbehode show



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