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The Rhode Show, June 17th 2010.
rhode show,” now that your wedding day is plannedy , it’s time to get ready r for the honeymoon.ym we’ve got some budget savvy s travel tips for you. >> plus, we’re going to take a look at last night’s city bride event at thehe hotel providence and see who won the cakeoff.eo >> and this morning in the kitchen, we’ll welcome chef tom duffy from the surprised pear at the chanlerer hotel. today we’rere making truffledru arrancini. >> and explained what an e ha arrancini is. >> i’ll let chef tom. he knows top better than i.op >> good morning, it’s thursday, january 16, 2010, i’m elizabeth hopkins. >> i’m danielle north fi nlling in i for patrick little. >> are you fillingli in forever? >> pat right now is under the covers. i bet he made popcornn, i bet he’s watching us. .>> good mdorning, i’m ben hague. h >> you guys had quite the night. >> did we ever. >> a look at the photos. >> tell every



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