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The Rhode Show, June 16th 2010.
we’ll check in live with ben hague. >> plus, we’re giving you grooms out there some help and you all need it. i’ve been there. taking a wedding day gift for your bride-to-be. debe >> and in thenth kitchen, we’reki looking with flemings prime steakhouse and primekhri bar, making steak benedict withk di concasse. oh, the fillet. >> i sense a celinein dion persons coming up.ng >> she loveshe the fillet. i’ll try to refrain. . i’ll do my best. welcome to rode rhode,tode wednesday, june 16,ne 2010, i’m elizabeth hhopkins. . >> no, actually, you’re pretty good. i’m patrick li ttle. >> and youyo are actuallyua celebrating kind of ag o big day today, patrick. >> this worked out well, wedding week and it’s our wedding anniversary. yes. today is my ninth wedding anniversary, and this right ahere is the video from the wedding day on june 16 of 1, there’s my wife jen, father ebegan from st. anselm c



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