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The Rhode Show, June 14th 2010.
s is it, this morning on “the rhode show,” it is weddingdi week, an we’re starting off at squaresq one. maybe sometimes it is a square. finding the rightfi diamond. >> then,n, helping you pick a dejayde for your big day. ay very important, what shoult,d you look for and what trends should you include in your ceremony?er >> and today we’re inay the kitchen and cooking along with dewolf tavern, wen,’re making slim — schrimpimsc pakora with sweet chili sauce. >> i wouldou love to have lawrence aw cook for me for a weddi. w you did have an event. >> i had an event saturday night, but i went friday night to check out the venue and have a little den ir. the food is always great. >> good morning, welcome to “the herhode rh show.” it’sit monday, june 14, 2010.e i’m elizabeth hopkins. >> i’m patrick little. >> i’m ben hague. >> great weekend. you know, in addition to the normal routine of little



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