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The Rhode Show, June 10th 2010.
urbrey ? >> look at me interrupting the lead singer. this morning on “the rhode show,” we’ll tell you where you can kick off your summer with hot jazz and coldzz drink as. >> plus,ehind the scenes at the horror movie, incubus that t just wrapped uped filmingil in the granite state. >> and>> this morning, chef john granata and tv maitre d’ joe zito will be here in “the rhode show” kitchen. where do they find the energy? >> a couplea of clowns these two. t you know where they find it,, dunkin’ doughnuts? ug that’s where they findfi it. >> karoke inro the kitchen. >> good morning, i’m elizabeth hopkins, it’s wednesday,ay july 10, 2010.ly >> i’m>> patricktr lite. ben morning.or tell everyone who you are are. >> i’m ben b hague,ue my new apartment, throw rocks at the house, please, please, helplp me out, directv guys. >> you have a problem and i have a problem, i just realized in the course o



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