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The Rhode Show, June 1st 2010.
our homer idol, ohio magnus will join us livein to talk about her first public appearance since leaving the show. >> plus, memorial day has come y and gone, signaling the unofficial start of summer. how to get you beach readyea and find the perfect bathing suit for your body. >> we’re heading back outside for a deliciouslis barbecue. a father’s day menu. we’re grilling lobster. and as a father, i like th lat kind of recipe. >> good morning. m welcome to “the rhodeom show,” it ” is tuesday, june 1, 2010, i’m 01 elizabeth hopkins.el >> good morning everyone. i’m patrick little.ri >> i’m ben hague. en ue>> how were youre weekends? >> perfect. started off on fridayf with golf with a good friend of mine, peter koch, down at the carnegiegi golf club, followed thatlo up with fishing with my buddy lee from about 9:00.m. att ightig untilun midnight. once again, skunked,, that’s two in thehe row.



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