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The Rhode Show, July 8th 2010 on FOX Providence
cooking with tv maitre d’ w joetv zito and chef andreaan from camille’s and today we’re goinge to show you how to makeak a couple of summer salads, which is perfect so you’rece not sweating we in the t kitchen. find the press piece at foxprovidence.com. it’s always good when you don’t have to turn on the oven or the stove. >> our lovely courtney caligiuri, who cooks every night, is such a home body, said last night she was over the stove making chicken riso t o in the heat. >> a nice chicken riso t o facial she got. it’s going to be goo td. we’ll showsh you how to make salads, if youla wantif to put anything on top of it, head out to the grill. good morning andng welcome to “the rhode show.” this is thursday, july 8, 2010, i’m elizabeth hopkins.iz >> i’m ben hague. >> patrick is off because he’s taking a staycation with his family. >> perfect week for it. >> i think we went up to lake co



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