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The Rhode Show July 7th, 2010 on FOX Providence.
>> i feel the jazz dance comingda on. this morning on “the rhode show,” a performance to the play, la caga fall, f as it prepares to hit thee stage inge rhode island. >> plus, mes,et a local student to is making a difference a in haiti and getting local attention. tt >> plus, we’re make ago fine seafood combination in tinhen kitchen. find the recipe on line at foxprovidence.com. e. this is what manywh people called the fried fisherman’s platter, it’s like my dad’s favorite meal of all time. >> anything fried is good,oo but bfried seafood. d >> isn’t that thee truth. i would eat fried dirt.. >> how come everything delicious is not good for you, unless it’s seafood, which is not bad. >> everythingth in moderation. m youu get a little taste of somethingin and you’re satiated and it’s a real good treat. good morning, it is july 7, 2010, wednesday, i’m elizabethm hopkins. >> i’m ben hague. pa



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