RS Jul6

The Rhode Show, July 6th 2010.
rh show,” the ocean state is all about summer, and today we explore some of theso state’s best summerme towns. >> plus, a local competive jump roping team is going to pay us a visit after returning fromet nationals. al>> >> and in the kitchen, our friends from angelo’s are here, er face the camera.er >> hello. h they’re afraid.th >> this way. they were making chicken sovlaki oveover rice pilaf and find the recipe on line at o foxprovidence.com. it is always a good time when angelo’s comes. >> a lot of times you don’t get the sense of the foothd until about 8:30 a.m..m when the smell is wafting through the t studio. >> good morning,, it’s tuesday, july 6, 6 i’m hop whom.m. patrick little is off. but you’re here. >> i’m here. i’m ben hague. >> what did you do on your days off. >> my dad was in town and it was one of those jam packed week. it was one of those days you have to sit down to tr



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