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david wax band. >> plus, huge “american idol” news, ellen is out. ellen degenereser announces she isis leaving the show after just one season. what does it mean d for the other judges. we’ll talk about in “the buzz.” b >> i can’t bel ieve weie have to wait until “the buzz” to ” talkto about this.ab i did not see this coming. >> how about the fact i came in this m orning and had all this idol breaking news. >> he’s lik>>ese this, connected with harvey levin of tmz. >> we don’t>> talk, we just text. j >> we have to stovep, because we have to save it for “the buzz.” but in any case, good morning, welcome to “the rhode show,” ite is friday, july 30, 2010. 3 01i’m elizabeth hopkins. not the last day of july yet. tomorrow. >> i’m patrick little.ri >> i’m ben hague. >> it’s casual friday obviously. >> what, i’m the fun guy. >> you wanted coanlors out of me. >> that is actually what our news dir



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