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island. we’ve goingg to bring you to the event basically, we’re going to show you all of last night’s big winners from rhodewi island monthly. it was so much fun. ch >> plus, it was the party of the year. we’re bringing you inside the big barb at ppac to seeo who s’s who of rhode island. >> and in tndhe kitchen, we’re cooking with ted’s montana grill, makingin red rock bison burger. let me say off the bat, i am totallyll underdressed. you look great. >> i know. is this t great? >> you have — what’s really funny. >> don’t out me on television. >> i’m going to.ng >> all right,ll fine. f >> you’re a comedian. you can take it. >> we were teasing ben, with all a theth ladies, he’d probably be b meeting over the course of the evening, because a lot of people were coming up to yo uu saying they wantedan to take yourou picture. >> that was fun. last night was the biggest celebrity night i’ve ha



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