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The Rhode Show, July 28th 2010 on FOX Providence
this morning on “the rhode show,” we’re all about two of my favorite things. the best of rhode island, which is my favorite issue for rhodeor island monthly and eating, big surprise? i head out to find the most important meal of the day, the motion state’s besstt breakfast. ak >> plus, we’re talking to last year’s best cupcake winner on their business andbu how it’s changed since winning the best of rho de island. sl we’ll get a sample of the cupcakes they’rehe making for this t month’s rhode island monthly party. >> and in e kitchen,ki ’80s rhode island monthly best all-star. we’re kicking with twin oaks and todayto we’re making stuffeduf fillet of beef. cook alongok with us right n owt at foxprovidence.com. >> you know what that sounhad is? >> what is that? t >> every morning on the news over there, er durin the d commercial breakals, elizabeth s,has what i call this low blood sugar al



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