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The Rhode Show, July 26th, 2010 on FOX Providence.
show,” from the cover of theve magazine, to your closet, for a fraction of the cost. hot 106’s deannna cruz helps us find looks for less. >> plus, who has the best burger in rhode island?la we i didn’ crisscross the state to find out who. >> and we’re cooking up burgers with sandy’s restaurants.re ra find the recipe on line at foxprovidence.com. >> they have a great thing tha they’reth deoing, they’re arranging a fishing trip, you go out, catch the fish, you have the chef on the boat. >> you have to>> catch something or you’re going to be hungry. >> there’s rethe slight cavigeat. but theth way, i think patrick’s friends have a drinking team with a fishing problem. am i right? >> a drinking teamri with a fishing problem? you guys go out on the boat, you’re telling your wives, we’re going to bring home dinner, sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. >> it’s more like a l fishing problem w



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