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The Rhode Show, July 23rd, 2010 on FOX Providence.
g on “the rhode show,” here in rhode island as you know, seafood is no joke and today the battle is on to find the best clam cakes in the ocean state. >> plus, we’re>> headed to zoo camp recalls as i spend the day with some real animals to see what c amp is all about. >> in theth kitchen, we’rekin, cooking with flare brick oven bistro,bi, making seafood newburgh. rggood morning and welcome to “the w rhode show,” it’s friday, jul july 23, it’s the i all male review, i’m pa itrick little. >> i’m ben hague. >> elizabeth is e out sick today. so we’re going to hold down the fort. >> how can you get sick when it’s 85 and sunny? i’m just saying. >> all right. the gauntlet has been laid down. we’ll stop right there. what’s going on? >> you did a little practice round yesterday for your big b club championship this weekend. >> played a pd little golf, wept to the course, late night, it was great,



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