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The Rhode Show, July 21st, 2010 on FOX Providence.
rhode show,” lindsay lohan is now behind bars and as she turned herself in to court yester day, a shower of glittertt rained down upon her. only in hollywood. i don’t know, maybe we’ll find nd out. >> start your engines, gear heads. hopefully you’re as fired up about in as i am. a we’re live at the seekonk speedway, ben hague is there, for a day of family fun. and we’re having a clambake ak this morning in our backyard barbecue. ba uelook at all those narragansett beers. narragansett brewing company wi obviously here an yoviu can find today’s recipe on line now atwt foxprovidence.com. what i thought was reallyas cool was that the recipe for theth clambake is now the backac of narragansett beer.se >> maybe i would rather be here than at seekonk speedway. >> kicking back. the interns thought that ben was here, so they set us up, coffeeco mug, coffee mug, beer. brgood morning and welcome to



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