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The Rhode Show, July 20th, 2010 on FOX Providence.
rh show,” looking good foroo less. we’re finding sheik outfits for men and women that takes less money than fillaning up your gas tanks. >> plus, getting the family together, one of america’s favorite pastimes, this morning, we’ve brought in a world class player. >> look at the movesat on this guy. >> we’re in the kitchenit withh newportne cooks, chef sophie op plowright joins usus from over the pond in new englandw. she’s making coronationon chicken. find theecipe at foxprovidence.com. >> she would know a thinnogg or two about coronation ceremonies. i wonder if we put a crown on a the chi cken? >> would it make it taste better? let’s do it. >> good morning, welcome to “the rhode show,” it is tuesday, july 20, 2010, i’m elylizabe 2th hopkins. >> i’m patrick elloy.el >> i’m ben hague. >> did you do anything exciting last night? >> we had the violent thunderstorms roll through. >> the sun



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