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The Rhode Show, July 2nd 2010.
show,” it isis a star spangled celebration. we are live in bristol as the a town prepares forwnfo the 225t 225th fourth of 22july parade. we’re going to’r get a preview from t he things you’ll see at this year’s parade, plus cooking live with the world’s tavern restaurant.ra >> we wanted to make sure you’ll have a happy and safe holiday, so we’re talking about what to watch out for if you’re bringing fireworks to your independence day gathering. a lot of questions about thens new law about what’s legal, what’s illegal. ? >> and in the local scene, we’ll a performancerf from the jazz influence group of local teenagers, calleds, “nuf said.” good morning. >> lol. >> enough said, e omg.om welcome to “the rhode show,” it is friday, july 2, 2010. i’m elizabeth hopkins. >> good morning, i’m michelle muscatello. >> and you’re inou for patrick. ri i don’t know how he keep getting these great gigs



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