RS Jul1

The Rhode Show, July 1st 2010.
show,” the most down right adorable pictureab, rig,ht, that you will ever see. these are really somell creative photos and we’ll show you how you can take these pictures wit ph your baby or with moms to be and really justly capture your — i mean, come on, let’s hold on o that for a moment, capture your whole pregnancy one film. >> makes me want to have another one, but i can’t do it i alone. plus, we’re making up some coolatas withat our friends from dunkin’ doughnuts. wally.ll i saw wally at the cvs caremark charity classic. wally is here and soer is the dunkin’ doughnuts hauler. they have a massive load of coolatas and doughnuts for us. >> in the kitchen this morning, we are cooking for a goodoo cause, we’re making lobster bl t’s with folks from the spicedom pear in chanler and we ‘llan explain how it helps the gulf coast cleanup. good morning, welcome to “the rhode show.” ho it’s ‘s



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