RS Jan8 2010

The Rhode Show January 8th, 2010.
rhode show,” we’re celebrating 20 years with the simpsons. boy, it’s hard to believe. meet the voices behind the faces and the family you know and love. >> plus, juliana and bill rancic are talking to us about the next n episode. and in the kitchen, we’ kre not really sure s what it is, but stay tuned. we’ll find out what it is. >> we do foe that there is rice and cheese. and i said i hit a lomo with myh car once. >> but that was very good. >> i don’t know what it is. i every time los andes is hear, i can’t pronounce what they’re making but i eat it. welcome to “the rhode show.”sh it’s friday, january 8, 2009, we8, have some snow outside. >> we do. i’m elizabeth hopkins.ab >> i’m ben hague. >> is it snowing? >> i looked outside, i didn’t see an y flakes. es>> in then far reaches, east greenw ich. gr >> you had a busy night la bstst night. t. >> last night was the firstst night i have did



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