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The Rhode Show, January 28, 2010.
? though you never knew it, was of you i’ve been dreaming ? >> that man can sing. this morning on “the rhode show,” texas proves it’s doing it big with talent, as the idol judges hit dallas. >> speaking of talented voices, we’re talking to idol alum a danny gokey about what he’s up to h now. >> and in the kitchen, we’re making portuguese food withit o’dinis restaurant withta carne de porco alentejana. p i know carne is meat. that’s all i know. you can get the recipe on line at foxprovidence.com. >> they have great dishes back there. th >> that’s one of the things, gs when i go to a t portuguese restaurant, i open it up and i do this. >> good morning everybody. welcome to “the rhode show.” we’re getting there. it’shursday, january 28, 2010, i’m vince mementri. >> i’m elizabeth hopkins e. >> and i’m ben hague. >> the illusion when you go outside, you start your car and it’s 5 degrees out.



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