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The Rhode Show, January 27, 2010
about two years old when that song came out. in fact, i dare either oni e of you to name that song. >> listen, who cares how old he is or what the name oof the song is, he’s crazy.is >> more idol awe diagnoses andiaes more characters we’re going toer talk about it. >> plus — >> cheap trick, in case youck wanted to know.kn >> a local woman shares her inspirational storiny behind the nd dress design that has her h competing in a national competition. >> wow. w >> and in the kitchen, wicked kickin’ savory cheese cake. es kethis is a dessert that you eat for dinner. today, we’re making the wicked kickin’ recipe. find it right now on foxprovidence.com. >> >> i thought this was crazy too. >> i’m a little — i can’ti figure out what’s in it. you know. it’s not normal cheese cake. >> right. >> there’s>> buffalo chicken in it. >> but it has cheese case ingredients. >> but does it have buffalouf



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