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The Rhode Show, January 18th, 2010
ring no carrier ring connect >> spoof special prosecutor patrick fitzgerald best drama. >> glee. >> fox’s musical hit show, glee, perhaps the biggest surprise winner at the golden globes this year, taking up the best tv comedy award. >> this is for anybody and everybody to got a wedgie in high school. thank you. >> for best comedic movie, the makers of the hangover will probably have one after celebrating their beg win. >> you’re really tooling up my underappreciated status here. >> jeff bridges sang the perfect note, winning best actor in a drama for crazy heart. sandra bullock won best actress for “the blind side.” >> i am in the midst of my dream and when i’m looking into the eyes of the man that i’ll sit next to that’s 14 years old and i said to him shall one day we’re going to be stars. and he said, you first. and we walked this red carpet together tonight. sydney, i love you more t



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