RS Jan15

The Rhode Show January 15th, 2010
connect d ?? >> it seemed like that was the favorite movie. >> clearly not. >> it was a great movie. >> it was a great movie. mayoral streep was very enticing. >> she doesn’t make bad movies. >> she’s a great actress. >> here’s a cool story. governor don carieri. north kingston artist, steven mancini took home $1,000 and it includes a limited edition poster, second prize went to theater haley of hope, look at that. >> that’s something as well. >> there could be an argument made that that might be better. >> well, i tell you what. this is different, because this is a digital print picture, but this is beaver tail at sunset, earned him 250 bucks, and it’s stunning with all the colors there and then the third prize went to al albert son, for his water color piece called wickford boat yard, so congratulations to the winners, and i always love seeing local artist painting local scenes and the



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