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The Rhode Show, January 11th 2010
this is “the rhthode show” andhe pats fans stunned by thehe patrts shocking play off loss. lo we’re going to talk about it and gereaction from fans. >> plus, do you remeer doug arso we had him onhe show aw uple of weeks ago,e cooked for us, he joins us again and this time he joins us about his battle with park son disse and the new treatment he’s tmundergng. >> and innd the kitchen, we’re w eating healthyhy with gold’s gym. make sure to get yourur foot started on the right fooig >> good morning everybody. welcome to “th e rhode show,” it is monda m janua 11, 2010. i’m vinc e dementri, iti, feels like it’ss antarctica here. >> the air conditioner is upo >> it’ 9 degrees out,nd we have the a.c. on. >> we tried to get i fixed, but apparently, it was beyond our abities, i’m going too grab my coat in the intersection coercial break. good morning, i’m elizabeth hopkins. >> i’m ben hague. >> wh



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