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you’re heating up oil. >> extra virgin, and if you wouldn’t mind, if you whisk it and i’m going to add some seasoning to that. a little bit of salt, some grated cheese, parsley. >> very nice. >> now what is this going to be used for? are we going to dredge the chicken in that? >> why yes. >> when we pounded out the chicken earlier, we dredged it in a little bit of flour, that’s great. and if you wouldn’t mind, we set it down, won’t get too grab the chicken and put it into the egg batter. >> in the meantime, we’ve cooked up spinach. you said this is garlic and oil. >> we put olive oil in a small sautee pan, heated it up with garlic. then we threw in fresh spinach. >> right into the pan. >> whoa. >> i apologize. >> we’re chefs, we don’t feel heat. then we just quickly sauteed it and we set that on side. you can make that right ahead of time. and that’s perfect. once you set it into the oil



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