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The Rhode Show, February 26th, FOX Providence
? take me to chicago ? >> there you go. this morning on “the rhode show,” the top 24 in “american idol” perform together for the first time and just moments later, four of those contestants got the baath. we’ll talk about who went home. >> plus, fox wo fods is look to go revamp their jingle and air couple of local contestants are in the running to win it. we’ll tell you wherell you can hear them for free this f weekend and give awed preview. >> in the kitchen, we are cooking with persimmon restaurant, making pan roasted lamb, find today’s recipe on line at foxprovidence.com. co you can’t go’t wrong because the chef’s first n ame isef champ. >> you’re setting the bar t prettyy high, you know.ow >> hey, champ, comeha on c hamp. >> it’s likee naming your child, jesus. >> angel.ng >> angel. youyo know, a lot of l pressure, a re lot of pressure there. >> i just have h vince. good morning ever



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