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The Rhode Show, February 25th, 2010
friends ? >> he was great. >> you liked him? >> yeah.>> >> well, this morning on “the rhode show,” the top 12 guys take to the stage on “american idol.” who’s going to stay, who’s getting their butt kicked off. we’re going to talk about it. >> that’s right.t. and then our idol insider, amadeo is going to sing his new song for usng live. >> and in the>> i kitchen, this is nice, the doctor is in, we’re making a a healthy chicken soup, that’s what’s going t’soo helplp you boost your immune bosystem.mm get th e recipee right now on line in at foxprovidence.com. >> i’m excited about this. there’s some sortso of something going around. nd>> there is. >> inow you guys are sick of hearing it, but did i tell you i i have almost died? d and i probably could ha pve used that soup a few days ago. >> all day. >> where the heck was the doctor a couple of days ago when i need it. >> you need more than



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