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The Rhode Show, February 24th, 2010
and the other one is giving a high five ? >> there you go. this morning on “the rhode show,” “american idol” top 12 ladies hit the stage and sing for your votes. >> t.j. is here too. he’s going to talk about it. >> t.j. is obsesswood it. >> plus, w e talked to the author of rhode island monthly, wthith the exclusive interview with patrick kennedy and hiss decisionecn not to run for congress again. >> and in the kitchen, get your waterwa ready, we are managing chili withwi the world’sld chef. f. get the recipe right now at foxprovidence.com. >> ever hear of o montezuma’sonma revenge? >> it’s funny you mentioned that, i went back to meet jerry, his name is jerry buma, s ii said, why d on’tid you just call it buma’s revenge. >> he says becauseau everybody calls me buma. anyhow, he says, just what you said, montezuma’s revengeum. >> oh-oh.oh >> i don’t want that.t >> good morning everybody.



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