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The Rhode Show, February 23rd, 2010
show” on fox providence. >> i thought he was holding like a heart there. clearly not. he’s got boxing gloves on. this morning on “the rhode show,” local boxer peter manfredo jr. talksma about his recent win. >> if you want to get into fighter shape — >> is that you with the head band? >> “the rhode show” blue. >>>> looks like mr. magia from the karate kid.id >> we’ll talk about thellk benefits of working out with o a professional. >> and in the account chen, we’re making a slab bacon blue cheese and tomato saladal with of providence prime. find the recipe right now on o foxprovidence.com. >> i was curious if there were er any greens if this t salad. >> tomatoes. >> people are walking around with bacon in their hand. the studio smells great. >> i apologize for stepping on your line. my second day here, you would think i have it figured out by now. >> welcome to “the rhode show,” it is tu



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