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The Rhode Show, February 22nd, 2010
oh, ok. this morning on “the rhode show,” still in the s i race.ce two local teams survived by the skin of their teeth on ther amazing race and we’ll talknd to them. >> plus, a local dance team that made it all the way to america’s best dance crew and mtv stops by to perform j ust for us.us >> in the kitchen, we’re celebrating the king of all cheeses, parmi giano reggiano, with whole foods and the recipe is on line atin foxprovidence.com. >> something like if you combine that — those two blocksth oftw cheese that you saw, the s combined total is like 120 pounds or something like that.th i meain — >> low fat. f >> yeah. y >> god for you, low calorie. >> that’s a doubleday at the gym session. >> exactly. e >> it’s your turn. >> good morning. >> should we have aha doover. >> elizabeth hopkins. welcome to “the rhode show.” you’re patrick little. >> i’m b en hague.en >> a lot of people this



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