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The Rhode Show, Feb 18th, 2010.
anniversary. it’s been one year since “the rhode show” launched on fox providence, and this morning, we’re taking a look back and of course, celebrating. ? and if you feel likefe i feel, baby ? >> right there is one of your top 24 in “american idol.” this morning we’re going to take a look atat the others who madede the cut and others who didn’t. >> and in the kitchen, t kv mader dejoe zito isto here along with — tv maitre d’ joe zito is here along with chef john granata. >> they’re the one who brought all the birthday paraphernalia,ar they’re ready to go. good morning, w melcome to “the rhode show,” it is thursday, february 18, 2010, i’m elizabeth hopkins. >> and i’m ben hague. >> and i’m vince dementri, — and i’m michelle muscatello, sitting in vince’s seat. >> and today is our one year anniversary. >> very nice. >> very cool. we want to thank lasalle bakery, because we have thiswee



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