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The Rhode Show, February 17, 2010.
ways ? >> and then if you saw “american idol” last night, you know that atsome of the top 24 are revealed. we’ll talk about who made the cut. >> and in the>> kitchen,en we’rewe making spaghmaetti with a simple s sauce. it’s a great recipe you can makeak tonight with your wholewh family. find the recipe right now at foxprovidence.com. >> good morning everybody. . welcome to “the rhode show,” it’s w ednesday,it hump day. it’s also ash wednesday for fo catholics out there. happy ash wednesday ppto you. february 17th 1, 2010, i’m vincem dementri gentleman. >> thatha means he’s terms of temperatures is right around the corner. >> believe it or not. >> warm weather hopefully. >> good morning, i’m elizaboreth hopkins. >> i’m ben hague. >> actually, there’s a little bit warm weather, if you can y call it, ll because we’re goingau up to almostto 40 degrees. >> it’s fantastic. down in florida, mic



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