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The Rhode Show, February 16th, 2010.
>> well, this morning on “the rhode show,” it’s time for you and your partner to get into gear. today, gold’s gym shows us a workout designed specifically for couples. >> ironic on fat f tuesday, right? >> then, tween sensation celina gomez visits theth emerald square mall. we catch up with her and learn l about the inspiration behindeh her h new c.d. >> and in the kitchen, we’ree’ making the monte cristo mega melt, it’s a great lunch you can make a t home witht the kids. find the recipe at foxprovidence.com right now.m t >> good morning everybody.ev welcome to “th e rhodlce show,” it’s tuesday, february 16, 2010.ua i’m vice-presidenti’.ce a little bit — i’m vince dementri. >> a little bit oftl snow out there. >> yes.s. thanks to t king’s cakein for droppi ng this off o for mardi gras. >> can we get a shot of this. t >> i don’t know why, but vince gave away our plates. >> i didn’t give



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