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The Rhode Show, February 12, 2010
rhode show,” we’re going to get a live performance f prom the moscow circus and they were incredible about their show takes place tonight.s gh >> and robert hatch follows us, following his premiere on “heroes versus villians,” we’re going to find out which side he thinks he would beth on. >> and in the>> kitchen, we’ree’ making a decadent dekissert d withss the viking hotel f or valentine’s day. get the recipe for peanut butter marshmallow breadal pudding. it wil l beit delicious. head over to fox providenc right now. >> oh,h, my. good morning everybody.ng welcome to “the rhode show.” yes indeed, everybody, it’s friday. february 12, 2 010, i’m vincei’ dementri. .>> you know, february 12 is uaaa special day around here. i’m elizabeth hopkinm s. >> i’m ben hague. >> why don’t you tell eveelrybody. >> it’s our executive producer’sod birthday. rebecca johnson. >> where are you, come on out.



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